Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June 30, 2010

Day 3 of tretment - Well, what should have been a short rad treatment and followup with rad onc doc turned out to be another marathon day.  Because I've been running fevers (chills and sweats) the doctors are monitoring me closely.  My BP was very low so I had to have an infusion of liquid today as well as some blood work and testing to be sure there isn't an infection.  They think it is a tumor fever as a few other people have come in with mild fevers too.  It was also decided to remove my PICC line on Friday at 12:30 when they remove my chemo kangaroo pack I've been carrying around.  I'm glad.  It's on my right arm and difficult for me to clean or flush with saline every week to keep it from getting infected.  If I had the port put in I could have taken care of that easily as my right hand would be available.  Next time I get a PICC line in will be when I have my final week of tratment.  Hopefully by then Harvey will be toast. 

I love all your comments and savor the love,prayers and thoughts you send through this blog.  I reread them constantly, when I feel down or when I need to energize my fight.  Know how much it is appreciatred and welcomed.  I send all of you a huge virtual hug.  Real hugs right now would do me in...I cry so easily.  Feel like one big wimpy baby at times but I guess that is to be expected.  Okay, going to grab Bert the Hippo and get settled in for the night.  Tomorrow is Day 4 of treatment...only 30 or so more to go...whoo hoo.  Love you all, be well, Marilyne


  1. Mar-
    You are in our prayers every night. We are sending you stay strong vibes as well. We miss your smile and hope to get to visit at some point soon. Noah, Anna, and Alan send their hello as well.

  2. Once my immune system is good to go, the first thing I will want to do is see Noah and Anna...just to get some cuddle baby time. I appreciate your prayers and thoughts. I too miss you. One week down, five to go and treatment is over...then we see in a few months if Harvey is toast. I'm already ordering a quilt kit in beautiful blue colors (was in my magazine today) to start making at the next quilt kvetch I can attend. Not sure when that will be...probably more towards the fall months...and the SECOND I can get a pedicure I will get a pedicure! Looking forward to that too. Love you and yours. Marilyne