Monday, June 28, 2010

PICCS and Radiation and chemo oh my!!!

Okay,whichever one of you was praying this morning for me to have an eneventful session, consider it done.

We arrived at the hospital at 8:00 for an 8;30 radiation treatment. The treatment itself takes about an hour the first time as they need to measure and set you in the case plus focus the beams in the right areas. Then the zap Harvey. A few minutes in each spot all around my pelvic, hip and backside area. It is painful i the sense the muscles tighen up right now - you have to very still while this zapping is going on. To take my mind off the discomfort I just kept saying with each zap...that's for you Harvey, Take taht you s.o.b., whose your daddy now, huh?? (Maybe I should not have watched Mr. & Mrs. Smith last

Then we went to Fairview Hospital and I was given a PICC line (the nurse was wonderful, knew exactly what she was doing - only a pinch for novacaine) - then an xray to make sure the picc went to the right vein and then back for my infusion of the purple stuff (strong chemo cocktail) and wait 1/2 hour for symptoms and then the chemo gal came and set me up. She is going to come back in 96 hours and remove the bottle and leave the port thing for next time. Its all good. Just very very tired.

Going to take a nap and see if I can keep drinking more water. Love you, Mar


  1. Kill the bastard I say! Kill Harvey, Kill Kill Kill :)

    Stay strong my friend and know that I am sending as much positive energy your way as I can :) Eat a lot of whole natural foods like berries, fruits and such. They will help you too...

    And remember to laugh....which reminds me, did you know that life is sexually transmitted?

  2. Oh Anne, that was a good one! Thank you for your thoughts. One down, 37 (I think maybe less) to go!!