Monday, June 21, 2010

June 21st

Just a short update. My port will be implanted on Thursday as outpatient surgery. I also am supposed to wear a medical alert bracelet now that says that I have an implanted port. I guess it helps the medical staff if I need blood, fluids or whatever to ascertain they do not start stabbing my arms with needles when they can use the port already implanted. Should be an interesting procedure. I will be in twilight sleep. I like that. You are 'awake' but you really do not care what is going on around you. Exactly how I want to be for this procedure.

As it stands now, I start radiation therapy on Monday 28th. I am pretty sure they will hook me up with a chemo pack to also have beginning Monday and will probably remove it on Friday. Not sure how that works. I know I have to have it on for at least five days (chemo).

Good news is my hippo arrived this morning. I am trying to keep some semblance of sanity and humor throughout this insane surreal period in my and my family's of the things I asked Rich was if I could have a puppy and he said no (realistically a puppy would do me in right now, perhaps later on though....) However, I wanted something warm and fuzzy to hold now and then and to be near me during stressful moments that was not human. I was watching NCIS (one of my all time favorite shows) and one of the characters, Abby the Goth forensic scientist, who I love because she is so bohemian, has this hippo she hugs when she is upset on the show. The hippo, when hugged, emits a loud gaseous sound. I thought THAT is what I need.

Thank God for Google because I found it - albeit in England - and ordered it. Arrived today. So far, I have hugged my little hippo dozens of times to Rich's dismay. He's a cute little bugger, about the size of a small dog...and every time I get annoyed at Harvey, I hug Bert the Hippo and I feel a lot better. I have a feeling I will be hugging him a lot over the next several weeks. If I am able will post again on Friday, otherwise over the weekend before the real roller coaster ride begins. Be well, Marilyne


  1. LOL! I love the hippo and I too love Abby! That is great! :)

    My son had one of those ports in for 28 days when he had MRSA on his face last year. He said it really wasn't that bad getting put in and living with. Taking it out was a breeze too.

  2. Your definition of twilight sleep sounds a lot like my work day. :) Attitude is 90% of this ordeal ... you're inspirational! I suspect Harvey is already cowering.