Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July 27, 2010 Week 5 - Chemo cocktail

Good Afternoon...just returned from an 8 hour stint at the hospital.   We had to be here at 8 AM this morning so I could have my PICC line put in, then be at radiation at 10 AM, then meet with my oncologist at 11:00 AM.  Unfortunately, the Chemo pack infusion was not until 2 PM so Rich and I walked to the cafeteria and had lunch there, then I fell asleep for an hour in the hospital waiting area and Rich worked the whole time.  Thank God for computers and technology and cell phones.  I don't know how I would have done this without him and without his wonderful company allowing this to be done.

I admit I was very anxious about today.  Receiving chemo the first time I had a very uneventful session.  I've read on my cancer forums of a few people having to go to the hospital with low counts, mouth sores, violent illness and I feel like I did not have anything at all near that (guiltily so).

My doctors assure me that Harvey is getting his own butt kicked and not worry.  This chemo session they gave me my usual 72 hour nausea meds, my ativan, some steroids - something new to jump start everything) and the mito (tumor antibiodic that is very toxic) and then finally gave me my 96 hour baby bottle to carry with me for the next four days).  Then it will be removed with the picc line on Friday or Saturday.  Woo hoo.  What I have then is one full week and four days left of radiation and I'm done.  So far I feel okay.  I cannot complain compared to others going through this.  Your prayers are working if you are asking me for a seamless treatment.  God is obviously listening.  And I thank you for that and I thank Him for that as well.

Know that I appreciate your listening to this, sending me wonderful notes and emails, cards, small goodies that I carry with me to radiation or treatment - my chemo bag is so heavy Rich has to carry it now...these tokens of caring and love are what keep me pushing forward.  I have learned a valuable lesson...when someone is ill, regardless of the illness, something as small as a card or call or note means the world.  I will forever make sure that I continue this with others and pay it forward. 

For tonite, I will end this blog wishing everyone a wonderful evening and a blessed life.  Be well, Marilyne

P.S.  Forgot to add a funny story that happened last night to me.  When I was ready for bed, I had to find a place for my chemo pack which is attached to the picc line in my arm by a long tube.  It dispenses chemo from a 'baby bottle' to my line to my heart based on my heartbeat 24/7 for 4 days.  Anyway, did not want it laying next to me on the bed for fear I'd roll over it or pull out the line so I decided to attach the fanny pack to the headboard and it became a perfect stand with which I could sleep and the chemo was being dispensed from a higher area plus I would not have to worry about rolling over on it.  Well, I do not sleep well due to pain and irritation and just anxiety I guess and by 3 am had to go to the potty.  I jump out of bed (the bathroom is right across from my side of the bed) and get pulled back quite quickly by the bungee cord tube from my chemo pack.  I had forgotten it was attached to the bed post.  So here I am sitting on the floor on my backside laughing by myself at the absurdity of it all.  Unhooked the pack and went about my business. Thank God this pack will only be with me until Friday or I might end up with a concussion or a broken bone somewhere in there.  lol.   Thought you would get a kick out of that.  Be well, Marilyne

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