Monday, July 12, 2010

July 12, 2010

Nothing to report.  Went out and about a little bit on Saturday to Walmart.  Shopped quickly as I am not as comfortable out in public (pain and stomach issues with chemo/rad) but it felt good to be out and about.  Rich drove, I have not driven now since surgery at the end of May.  Just do not feel strong enough (dizzyness hits or tummy issues and I just do not want to venture too far just yet).   Bought some fabric to make baby blankets (for a fundraiser and future craft shows) and some little goodies I needed.  Rich bought a coffee pot to make coffee at home since he's telecommuting while I'm going through this (and for that I am so grateful having him here).  The good news about me not going out as much is I'm not spending as much...the bad news is I'm really proficient on the web -- love getting little packages of fabric or crafts or such in the  Hey, a girl has to do what she has to do while going through this crappy quirk of fate.

This week starts week 3 of 6.  Am experiencing some minor burning (like a slight sunburn, nothing severe but its starting).  I have a crisis kit I put together from information and suggestions from the American Cancer forum I belong to and put that together before anything started which has come in handy -- I can reach into my bag of tricks to try out different creams, pills or candies to alleviate different symptoms.

Reading other people's posts on the forums has made me realize that so far into this treatment I am not experiencing what others have experienced.  I know everyone is different but so far my symptoms are relatively mild.  I'm very tired, have low BP and dehydrate easily but I have no mouth sores like others have, no reaction to the chemo cocktail that others had for their first one and am experiencing minor discomfort...however that could be the calm before the storm and I'm not about to fool myself.  Keep praying and touching base as I believe these prayers and connections are keeping me pushing have become my strength along with my family here in Minnesota with me.  Know that I love and appreciate you all for that.  Unless something drastically changes, I will probably not be back here until the start of Week 4.  Be well, Marilyne

P.S.  I hope Harvey is really feeling the heat right about now.  I am visualizing him 1/3 gone since I finished two weeks of treatment out of 6.  Take that Harvey!!!!   Not a good feeling losing your tentacles and  maybe a foot or two.  Hope you are melting away like the wicked witch in the wizard of oz.....mwahahahaha


  1. M: Glad things are going pretty well for you and that the side effects are less than for a lot of folks. Having the pre-prepared crisis kit is so "Marilyne", which is a good thing. Take Care!

  2. hi mar. just got home from work, a lil bit ago. could i pleeeease have some of those websites u get to buy craft stuff from? i work, i sleep, i go to the dr.repeat. my bro jeff is in hawaii, he had to tell me i was older than dirt today and rub it in how beautiful it is overthere, and then i reminded him so what you still gotta come home next week! hows your tummy doing? what can u eat without wishing you didnt eat it?just let me know, i'd list a few things but if you cant have it, that would b mean. hey mar, what do you think about making a voodoo doll of harvey and really stickin to him!!! see, now there i go, my claws are coming out! and it feels gooood.kristy sends her love, dust is pissed at harvey, just wants to punch him! dare i tell him about your hippo? i may want one also, im totally hooked on NCIS. have u ever seen it.wherd you get that thing anyways? did u ever figure out what the name of that techi book thing you cankeep adding books to? i think barnes and noble have one, i want one but just need some feedback, would b lighter than an actual book. good for both of us.well, better try to get some sleep work on tomorrow nite, free pool, and 1.50 can beer all day' all nite.know what i got for my bday! allergies! and no bow! how rude!let me know if on wed your up to achat or company. who cooks now?let me know if i can bring u anything. im serious, ok? if ya cant sleep, whatever time, chances are im still up. xoxo

  3. Fred - thank you for your thoughts and caring. I guess working for you those years kind of pegged my personality, huh? You know me, always have to be prepared for anything. Sometimes I feel like the character Jennifer Lopez played in the Wedding Planner except my charge cards are not alphabetically, just in order for how I use them.

    Tam - you crack me up. The B&N book is called the Nook. Meagen has one and loves it. Do you have email besides this? I can write longer on that to you but will call you on Thurs and chat with you longer. Voodoo Harvey huh? I like that idea. xoxo back at you.