Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August 9, 2010

This blog post is actually being written while I am in the hospital through the wonders of technology – we hope the ‘operator’ of the technology is able to do his part.  He will be copying/pasting (or attempting to) put this update in for me.  Hopefully it works.  He wanted me to embellish the blog a bit and put in that I have now become a lab rat and case study for the U of M med students on how to rid someone of the runs.  First med student that figures this one out gets a gift card to Popeye’s…lol    

Well, since I do not have my blog to see what I posted last on it, the short version of what has transpired since they removed the last round of chemo is I spiraled downhill from there.  Frequent bathrooms runs (and I mean frequent, like every 15 minutes) left me totally dehydrated.  I was being infused every other day while gong to the hospital for rad treatments.  By Friday I knew I was down to four treatments even if I was feeling miserable. 

 The oncologist scheduled me for a rad treatment on Monday followed by saline infusion to keep up the fluids so I would be able to get through the week.  Well, Friday evening I started running a fever…100.4 is the cut off to when I have to call in and alert the hospital.  It was 101.6 when I told Rich and by the time he got me to the hospital (after we called and they said come to the emergency room) it was 102.6.  I was immediately put on IV antibiotics and fluids, had blood drawn and put in a room of my own after a few hours.   

Since then I’ve been blood tested no less than 16 times for various bacteria which could be causing the fever…there are lesions from the radiation that were swabbed and sent in for analysis and anything else on my body they could physically send in, they did.  So far everything is inconclusive…they all agree that this feeling like road kill that I feel right now is the direct result of the chemo and radiation and they are trying to figure out how to, at a minimum, keep it from running rampant.  I guess in order to kill Harvey and his insufferable spawn they have to kill healthy cells, which include cells in the digestive tract. 

For all of you who have ever gone to Mexico and experienced the revenge of Montezuma, it is because some bacteria got into your digestive tract and your system was having trouble fighting off.  Well, my system has no immunities right now and cannot fight off anything so rather than bother, it just sits back and lets all hell break loose.  So…the game plan right now is they are giving me (ready for this one?) OPIUM!!  Yes, three times a day I have to drink a small amount of opium.  I keep waiting for someone to bring in a water bong and a couple of hippies to walk in and join me.  So far, it appears to be working.  By that I mean my bathroom visits are now every ½ hour rather than every 15 minutes and at one point I made it to an hour.  Progress!

Enough toilet banter – each day gets a little bit better than the day before but in tiny increments.  For someone who wants things changed yesterday, this is very discouraging for me but I keep thinking okay, two steps forward, one back is still getting me ahead each time.  Did not have radiation treatment today as I guess the group met and decided I needed one more day of rest.  I believe they will have me back on radiation tomorrow but since I will already be at the hospital should I have ‘issues’ everything is here.  

This place is absolutely amazing and run like a well oiled machine.  I intend on writing a long letter to someone here expressing my gratitude in having such a wonderful experience through such a horrible ordeal.   Once I get home (ETA know is unknown but I am assuming this weekend) I will write a longer blog.  Thanks everyone once again for being there, for being my support, for praying, for all the things you do to perk up my day and push me forward.  I could not have done this without the support of my husband, sons, daughter-in-law and my many, many friends.  Thank you.  Be well, Marilyne.

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