Wednesday, August 18, 2010

August 18, 2010

Well, I had my final radiation today, met and was discharged from radiation with the rad oncologist and made a follow up appt with her for four weeks.  The oncologist I will see in a few weeks as well...all follow up. 

Radiation and chemo are done for this phase of the process.  And while a short process, an incredibly difficult one.  I am so happy that it is over.  When I left the hospital today after the last radiation, I broke down and cried.  Not that I would be leaving anyone or miss anyone but the weight of the treatment program lifted off my shoulders and I actually felt relief.  The crying was simply my way of letting it go. 

Now, it appears the way it works is I wait a few months and then have an ultrasound and a PET scan to see if Harvey or his spawn are still there.  If so, then I think they decide to do surgery to remove what is left and if they cannot then they remove pretty much part of my colon and rectum.  I may have to have a colostomy bag at that point.  That is Plan B.  Plan A is Harvey is gone and they monitor me for the next five years every three months with scans and doctor visits.  I'm praying that the cancer is gone but it was pretty high up so my chances are 50/50.  Unfortunately I will not know any of this until November or December.  This treatment is not cut and dry and once over you know right then if everything is gone.  It takes a while.  While somewhat discouraging, I still am pumped and excited that the therapy is over for now and will try to start eating right, taking vitamins, exercising, and doing all the right things to at least keep my body in other areas somewhat healthy.  I wish I had definite news for you but I won't for awhile.

Again thank you all for being there for me during the treatment portion of this roller coaster ride. I am convinced that your prayers and thoughts have taken me through this treatment and made the side effects less intense than others have had to go through.  The oncologist even said that I handled everything very well and I know that it was not just me that did that.  It was the support of my family and friends and prayers and love that got me through this.  Not sure how I managed to get into italics but it happened.  So I'm leaving it that way rather than try to fix it.  

For now, treatment is over...I will not know much more for awhile.  If anything changes, I will come in here and write more.  Meanwhile, know that I love and appreciate every one of you for being there for me during this incredible ride.  It meant a great deal to me to have your prayers and support.  Be well always, Marilyne


  1. M: When you have some strength back, go celebrate this victory---you deserve it!!!

  2. Congrats Mar -

    Now you can concentrate on the things you love - family, friends, and of course your crafts!

    Love to you - Jo

  3. Thank you everyone for your love and's been a long road...and I still have some miles to travel with recovery and future scans. However, the treatment is over which helps. The after effects are many and I just have to deal with them one at a time as they arise. It will be a slow going recovery (and for me torture as I want to get up and move around yesterday) but I have to be patient. In due time things will improve. Be well everyone, Marilyne

  4. Marilyne: Claire and I continue to pray for you and the next phase of your full and successful recovery. You are an inspiration. Bless you... Dean & Claire Ramsay...

  5. Thank you Dean and Claire - I appreciate the prayers and the thoughts. I honestly believe all these prayers and thoughts have made this voyage a lot less painful than it could have been. While the treatment itself is brutal, my side effects were much less than some of my cohorts and I believe it was because of everyone's prayers. Thank you so much. Mariylne