Monday, October 25, 2010

Scans on Friday

Hello everyone.  Hope that this blog update finds everyone well and healthy.  My three month scans (first once since treatment) will happen on Friday.  I have my MRI at 12:30 and the PET CT at 2:00.  I won't know the results of these scans until the 8th or 11th of November.  I meet with my oncologist and rad oncologist on the 8th and the colo-rectal surgeon on the 11th.  I'm hoping that my rad oncologist is the one who gives me the news as I really like her.  She was very curt and business like when I first met her but now we talk like we are old friends.  She is quite compassionate and knows how to alleviate my fears.  She also had cancer which is why I think it makes her a better doctor in understanding the emotions of her patients.  I'm still having my home boutique show with 6 other crafters on the 5th and 6th...I decided to do that simply for sanity reasons and to keep me focused on something other than the scans, diagnosis and cancer.  Is it working?  Well, not really but I find I think about it less than I would have if I didn't have this to focus on.  I have an outside show in West St. Paul on the 20th as well but by then I will know the results.  I think it is better to be busy than delve on things. 

The next time I come in here it will be when I have the results of the scan and what the next step will be.  I hope and pray that Harvey is gone.  Please keep up the prayers and thoughts.  They get me through the worst parts of this diagnosis and recovery.  I love you all very much.  Be well always, Marilyne


  1. I hear hope and determination in your voice and that's why Harvey packed up and left already! Good luck with your craft shows--you are truly amazing. Love you! Georgy

  2. We"re all praying for you and not for Harvey.

    Jerry and Mary Ann Hoffman

  3. Praying and Hoping all the best for you
    Seems like the appointments could be much closer to the scan dates, good grief that is a lot of anxiety time. Even so lots of thoughts for you
    Love Nancy

  4. Part of the distance was my own fault. I did not want to have the scans right in the middle of my boutique week (weds) and asked if I could have them a little earlier. So instead of the 3rd of November, it was the 29th of October. Most of the scans and appts are a week apart to give radiologist time to read the scans. either way the week in between is hell waiting. Leaving now for the scans. Won't know anything today but as soon as I know will be back in here. Love to you well, Marilyne