Friday, October 29, 2010

October 29, 2010

Hello Everyone....had my MRI and PET CT today...long long grueling day but they are now over with.  Next step is to wait until the 8th when I see my oncologists.  My cohorts at the Rare cancer forum have alerted me that there still might be some hot spots and irritation and not to freak out.  According to them the Nigro protocol especially the radiation continues to work for months after treatment ends.  Many had some hot spots light up at 3 mos but gone at six.  So I will be patient and keep praying and keep watching my health.  Sorry I do not have more news but will be back in here in a week or so and let you know what the oncologist and colo-rectal guy says.  I feel pretty confident and good today.  Glad the tests are done.  Thank you for your thoughts and prayers -- I felt them all day today.   Love you all, Marilyne


  1. Glad you have the tests behind you and hope for good news on the 8th. I also hope you can enjoy your show next weekend, but don't overdo it and get too worn out.

  2. Thanks Fred, I appreciate the thoughts -- not going crazy with show, taking my time setting up which is why I started a week earlier than I would have. I enjoy this organizing and display set up...will take pictures this time and post on facebook. Hope all is well with you and Dana and family. Love, Marilyne