Friday, January 7, 2011

Post Op Update

Had my post op appointment from the biopsy yesterday.  Surgeon said he was very concerned until the biopsy came back and he was relieved it was not malignant.  A small nodule still remains and he said he is going to watch that carefully and be very aggressive about it (which I concurred with him).  So...I have to see him again in six weeks for a scope and DRE and we shall see what we shall see.  It is all around the same time as the 6 month scan and visit with my oncologist. 

I've come to realize that my life for awhile will be lived in three month increments.  And might be so for awhile.  This is simply makes me feel comfortable in knowing my team is still watching over me.  I'm not going to say I won't be nervous or anxious or scared with each scan - I will be - that is the nature of the beast to worry.  But if the scans and DRE's come back good, I will relish that fact and enjoy my life until the next scan.  If the scan shows something and we need to investigate I will handle that as well and as best that I can.   While Harvey appears to be dead and only a small piece of his dead carcass remains, we will still have to be diligent and keep tabs on the area.  I feel pretty good right now considering - oh I could complain about some things - residual chemo and rad treatment issues - but I am far too thankful to care about that.  Really.  I thank God every day for His blessings and that is how I will live my life from now on.  I thanked God before but not every day.  Now it is for simple things and blessings that I did not really 'see' until all this happened. 

Thank you everyone for always being there.  Loved all your Christmas cards.  Be well always, Marilyne


  1. M: Glad for the continued good news. Hopefully you can go do some fun things over the next few months. Miss Dana and her sister are going to Vegas next weekend for some warmth and fun.

  2. Hi Fred. Thank you! I feel pretty good considering and am very optimistic. Rich wants to go to Vegas in March sometime...he said we can get remarried. I told him he was lucky I married him the first time, not to press his luck. lol. I hope Dana and her sister have a great time. We're thinking of going to see Cirque De Soleil's O. We saw one other show and loved it (Mystere) so now we are both hooked on these shows. Good to hear from you. Be well, Marilyne