Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

I was reflecting today and went into my cancer forums to see if everyone was doing okay, to give some consolation and a hug if needed as these individuals were there for me during the last 7 months.  A few of the posts were not as uplifting as mine and that saddened me.  I consider myself so blessed to be celebrating this Christmas cancer free and I thank God for that every day since I found out the NED status.  But...things can change and I know that.  Many of the people going through chemo and radiation for metastases and recurring cancer did not expect that to happen to them.  My heart aches for them and my prayer focus is now on them.  At this season of miracles I suppose I naively thought that everyone would have a miracle.  It is not to be so for some.  And, in thinking about all this, I almost feel guilty for being NED.  I know I should not, but I do.  I suppose this is part and parcel of having cancer, surviving cancer and being in a forum and group with others with the same disease.  Not everyone will be healed, not everyone will be well.  So for those individuals I say a small prayer tonite that they will have a peaceful holiday season and 2011 brings for them some uplifting news and health. 

To all of you who follow this blog, I wish you the best Christmas ever, a wonderful New Year - may you all have happiness, health and prosperity.  Thank you once again for being there for me, for lifting my heart and spirit when I needed it lifted and for your prayers because I KNOW that those prayers worked in more ways than just my NED.  Love to you all, Marilyne

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