Thursday, September 2, 2010

September 1, 2010

Good Morning everyone -  Two weeks post treatment.  I was reminded today that it is two weeks, not three when I was lamenting as to why I did not have my energy level back.  That shocked me.  Has it only been two weeks?  The days blend together and each day, while I realize now since I have ended treatment, has gotten slowly better and better, in my mind I should be full of vim and vigor and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.  But when I will my body to do something, it just simply says "no way" and I'm forced to listen.

I had my two week oncology visit today.  They did an EKG as my heartbeat was 130.  Has been high for a few months.  They think it is fluid loss and also rad and chemo and being run down.  Its getting better as I can now take a shower without laying down for 15 minutes afterwards feeling like I did an aerobic exercise.  They took blood but do not know what the levels are.  I should know in a couple weeks when I see my radiologist for a followup.  We set up the telltale scan meetings.  Early November I'm having my MRI and PET scan that will see if Harvey is gone.  Then a follow up with my oncologist and the colo-rectal surgeon who will go over the scans and do a physical as they want to be sure he is or is not gone before proceeding to the next step.  My hope is that I come up NED...what a neat Thanksgiving and Christmas Gift that would be!  So keep praying that Harvey is toast.  I appreciate and am thankful each and every one of you is there.  Be well always, Marilyne


  1. Marilyne... We have not stopped praying that Harvey is toast... Claire and I think of you and Rich often... You are in our prayers...

    Dean & Claire Ramsay

  2. Marilyne; Our prayers are on high alert. Every once in awhile, God brings you to mind, so I say a prayer and thank God that Harvey is gone; then I ask the Holy Spirit to do any clean-up with the fire of His love. I also ask Him to give you a gentle breath of His love to help you in your recovery. This is in addition to our daily prayers for you. I can't wait to see you.Love and God Bless you,

  3. Thank you Dean and Claire...I believe the prayers have been highly contributory to the treatment and recovery process. It is so appreciated. Love, Mariyne

  4. Hi An - wrote you on email. Did you get that note? I was clarifying that I had your correct email address. Your prayers are obviously working as I feel a little better every day. In fact, this morning I took a shower and sat down for a second to separate pills and realized I did not feel winded or have to lay down! Yahhoo, progress! Maybe we can pick a day over next few weeks. I have a doctor appt on Thursday I think next week and another one either mon or tues the week after. I can double check and email you (if I have the right email that is). Check for me. Love you right back.