Thursday, August 11, 2011

Internal Ultrasound

As everything else with this disease...there are constant reminders that it was there and can come back in the early years after diagnosis and treatment.  Yesterday I had my ultrasound which I found I should have been having every 3-4 months or so and missed by 9 months.  Woops.  Lots has gone on, my surgeon dislocated his elbow and was out of commission which pushed some appointments around and farther in the further, leaving open some unanswered questions and followups.  All is back on track now. 

The ultrasound was uneventful (albeit painful) but to see the screen and see absolutely nothing was just a blessing.  I was elated.  The doctor that does this is wonderful...he actually says, this is what I see, this is what will happen or as in yesterdays is empty, I see nothing.  Yeah!!   Then my husband surprised me by taking me to my favorite wholesale fabric place that was only a few miles away and I actually bought some me this was a perfect day.  Okay, maybe some ribs from Famous Dave's would have topped that off.  lol.   Thank you for reading this, for listening, for praying, for being with me during my ups and downs.  So appreciated.  Be well everyone, Love, Marilyne

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  1. Outstanding Marilyne..... I hope you get your Famous Dave's.... If Rich doesn't take this HINT.... We will bring some over....

    Thinking of your often....

    Best wishes,

    Dean & Claire Ramsay