Friday, November 12, 2010

November 12, 2010

Hello Everyone - came in here today to apologize if my post yesterday was a bit somber.  It was how I was feeling.  Today I feel much better...energized...ready to fight again.  That is what this is, a constant fight, a constant battle.  It can get tiring and discouraging to do this day in and day out.  Then to hope for one type of news and hear another...well that really can put a crimp in one's day. 

Yesterday was crimp day.  Today is fight day.  I'm back on the battlefield a little worse for wear but back anyway.  Just wanted you all to know that.  Thanks for being there.  New battle cry:  Hooo Rahhhh....DIE HARVEY!   Be well everyone else....Love Marilyne


  1. All Right---M is back!!!

  2. She never left. She just needed to 'recharge' with a little faith. :-)

  3. And.. you never, ever need to apologize... We are all pulling and praying for you Marilyne...

    Dean & Claire Ramsay