Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Been a few months since I posted in here so I thought I would write an update over the holidays.  Scans have thus far been coming back clean which is a blessing in itself.  I am now 16 months post treatment which is still in the 'so so' zone...I guess up to 18 months is a critical period and then two years is another anniversary milestone and three is another.  So I still have a way to go but as it stands all seems to be okay on the physical front. 

I keep forgetting that I am 64 years old and I expect myself to be jumping around and full of energy getting things done but I can no longer do that.  I tired easily.  That frustrates me as I my mind wants to do things but my body is saying heck no, no way!   Oh well.

I did recently find out I am going to be a grandmother - my oldest son and his wife are expecting and due in mid May of next year.  Very exciting news.  I'm thrilled to be here as part of all the updates and seeing things develop.  The best is watching how my son is reacting to all of this.  It is very touching.

That is about it for now.   I have an ultrasound next month which should be uneventful and my next round of scans and such will be in March.  To all who still read this, Happy holidays...I wish you nothing but love, peace, happiness and joy this holiday season and for the new year.   Love, Marilyne

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